Custom Designed Carpets

Custom Designed Carpets

Tabriz HAND KNOTTED Carpets & Custom Designs

Modern Persian Rugs

Tabriz Persian HAND KNOTTED Carpets are considered to be among the most beautiful and desirable of all Persian Carpets. They are known for the insurmountable quality, detail-oriented weave, and historical background.

For centuries, Tabrizi Carpets have been made with the utmost quality since their inception where Tabriz, located in  norther Iran, was one of the earliest capital of the Carpets world. They are oldest in terms of production in all of Iran.

Tabriz Persian Carpets and their beauty do not only rely upon their rich cultural background, but their design is a work of art that is untouched by any other type of Carpets. Coming in an array of colors under our prismatic spectrum, the Tabriz Carpets maybe found in any color whether you’re looking for bold designs and palettes or something softer with lush pastels. Their design elements are bold and full of character work of medallions, floral motifs, or picturesque patterns.

HAND KNOTTED Tabriz Carpets

Intricate work by a master artist, chosen upon the need for this grade of quality, creates a masterpiece that is rich and splendid in every count, in terms of the delicate aura of the design, the finest possible workmanship in each motif, the perfection of the colors that juxtaposes in such a magical package of art that finally reflects the very soul of its creator.

Hand Knotted Carpets
Hand made carpets
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Custom Designed Carpets

Our Master Weavers in Tabriz can make custom designed Carpets for you it can be made out of silk that can be used as a wall Carpets with intricate details,  or they can weave a custom designed Persian floor Carpets of your choice.


Payment, Freight and Insurance

Please contact us for payment options, Freight and insurance information as Persian Carpets are expensive items and we want to take up-most care to safe guard your financial transaction, privacy and at the same time give you a more personalized service.